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Deliver personalised content to the fingertips of your prospects, customers, and employees.

Let’s just talk, y’know?

Apps aren’t the future. They’re the now.

Why do you need Contento? It’s simple. When 90% of all mobile usage is in app, you need Contento to stay relevant. The problem is, everyone is creating content. You need a sure fire way of standing out, capturing the attention of your audience in a simple, quick, and engaging way.


Contento is a mobile app that works as a content hub for your organisation, amplifying your company’s voice across all devices. It can be setup to meet specific distribution requirements – whether you want to target multiple audiences, focus on select topics or communicate with your internal team.

Contento will transform your organisation by bringing together all of your content (whether that’s marketing, customer engagement, employee engagement) together in an app accessible to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Why use Contento?

learn and development

Learning and development.

Give your employees the ability to learn how they want, when they want. 24/7 access to learning materials means that training isn’t a one off or forgotten about, allowing your company to unlock the promise of your employees.

employee engagement

Employee engagement.

Use Contento’s push notifications to increase awareness of new materials or participation in surveys to increase engagement. Get a better understanding of what materials your employees engage with.

sales enablement

Sales enablement.

Contento is a golden opportunity for sales teams to be truly “always-on”. Use Contento to give them access to the most recent sales content whenever they need it, wherever they are. Real-time sales content, at the right time, on any device.

customer experience

Customer experience.

Offer the latest news and insights, announce new products and services, provide education, publish company updates, approach prospects with greater credibility, and develop a community of qualified leads.