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Make music, not noise.

In our growth workshop, tempo is key. We’ll compose a detailed recommendation that’s tuned to your strategic objectives in two seperate, 2-hours sessions so you can score big and grow fast.

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Want to accelerate your Go-To-Market execution?

What is it?

Our product marketing growth workshop is a consultative sprint to assess your current ambitions and provide a detailed recommendation to kick-start, strengthen, or optimize your current product marketing strategy.

Any company looking to drive growth and revenue needs a solid roadmap for taking their product to market. That’s why we’ll dedicate these sessions just to you: at your place or ours, we’ll spend the first 2 hours getting to know your rhythm and immerse ourselves in business strategy, planning, and tactics to facilitate your growth. Here’s how we’ll break it down:

1st Session - 2 hours:
Current state assessment.

We’ll ask you to provide a whole host of things so we can start work on your recommendation. This is driven by an online assessment and key stakeholder interviews, including your customers.


2nd Session - 2 hours:
The art of the possible.

If we were you, this is what we’d do. At your place or ours, we’ll present a detailed future state recommendation with our cross-functional team of experts to plan future direction, the operational elements needed to get there, and the technical requirements that’ll plug into your growth.

Conducting the right tune with your stakeholders and ours

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed to engage key stakeholders, close organisational silos, and bring together your leadership teams from marketing, sales, and customer experience so everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet.

Facilitated by our strategic cross-department leads and product design experts, your stakeholders will be guided step-by-step through a tried and tested process as we create new solutions to your biggest marketing and business challenges.

So what’s the score?

In our growth workshop, you’ll get:

A wide understanding the latest digital trends and the role they play in the wider marketing ecosystem


Current state assessment of how you're performing


A detailed future state recommendation built by subject matter experts


To collaborate on digital strategy with cross-functional team members


Customer insights and reviews — straight from the horse's mouth


A set of honest appraisals from messaging through to lead generation


Real-time testing of brand messages and content


An understanding of where the real opportunities lay and how to reach them


Investment planning and acceleration plans that align to your wider business objectives


Session 1:
Understanding the rhythm of your business

  • Objective: Analyse your current state.
  • Where: Remote (this day’s on us, but we’ll reach out if something’s off)

Part 1: Information and data recital

Ahead of your growth run, share as much with us as you can at least two weeks before your session. What we’ll need:


Direct & channel sales process.Click here

Solution and product analysis.Click here

Messaging and content analysis.Click here

Customer insights.Click here

Persona and buyer journey analysis.Click here

Target market and industry trends.Click here

Competitive analysis.Click here

Current marketing review.Click here

Understanding CX.Click here

Part 2: Orchestrating experience-based differentiation in the customer journey

In the era of killer competition, the ability to deliver a great customer experience (CX) is make or break for all organisations. This is the basis of “experience-based differentiation”. Differentiating your CX drives customer acquisition, but promotes retention and advocacy.

We’ll map current customer journeys and build a tactical map that identifies:

The steps your customers take, their expectations, pain points, and the outcomes they require at each stage.

What success looks like from their perspective and from yours.

What you can do to influence CX journeys, and how your processes affect engagement and value.

The key “moments of truth” – the critical points in your customer’s journey that defines the overall experience

What you need to do to deliver the desired outcomes your customers require and how to measure and develop CX

Opening up your customer journeys

Session 2:
Music to your ears

  • Objective: Present ideal future state scenario. It’s all about the art of the possible
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Where: Onsite; or via Zoom
  • Sessions: Morning and afternoon

Part 1: The prelude. Who’s who... 


Introductions and market trends

Part 2: The crescendo.
Replay and ideal future state.


Share future state recommendation 

We’ll present back to you what we think’s possible with your budget in a strategic recommendation. It’ll cover:

  • GTM
    approach /

  • Content
    strategy /

  • Sales
    enablement /

  • Customer
    experience /

  • CRM & Marketing automation
    capabilities /

  • Digital
    engagement /

  • Measurement
    & reporting /


Feedback and
idea shaping.

Share initial ideas for your new marketing programme.

lay out the
scope of work.

Start to build out the framework of a marketing programme.

Who’s singing
our praises?


Mark Robinson, Tech Data


Tony Rich, Unify

“I have support like it’s my own team, that’s why I come back to Tomorrow People.”

Jan Jensen, Cxense


Rachel Browne, Claranet

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A Go to Market strategy live in under 12 weeks

The TP Go to market approach is the foundation for a supercharged approach to building a repeatable, scalable marketing model.

1. Workshop

A two-day sprint to assess your digital maturity and provide a future state recommendation.

2. Contract

Agree the scope of work, signed the dotted line and, let’s get going...

3. Kickoff

Align wider business stakeholders and introductions to your project team.

4. Targeting

Who are we targeting, in what verticals, with what message? Research and discovery.

5. Strategy

We’ll present back to your the content and engagement strategies for your programme.

6. Enablement

Is your sales team ready? One or two workshops to align sales and marketing.

7. Go-live

Programme pushed live, results captured, data analysed, and improvements made.