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HubSpot's Advanced Marketing Analytics system combines the functionality of a wide range of tools to give one simple, easy-to-use platform.

The system combines Personal Dashboards, Competitor Benchmarking, Content and Channel Analytics, Lead Nurturing, Lead Management and Advanced Marketing Analytics.

HubSpot takes your business from marketing guesswork to continuous and profitable market impact, combining this with our unique five step Zoober Inbound Marketing methodology to give a 360 degree approach to maximise your Return On Investment.


Listen & Create







Blog system to optimised articles for SEO and auto post to Social Media profiles.

prospect dashboard

Prospect Dashboard

See what companies are visiting your website and monitor what dates they came to your site and what pages they viewed.

advanced marketing analytics

Advanced Marketing Analytics

Analyse what activity, sources, content and channels generate the most Visitors, Leads and Sales.

social media

Social Media

Monitoring keywords mentioned on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Sharing these posts and interacting with communities.

leads dashboard

Leads Dashboard

See details on individual people who download content. Monitor what dates they came to your website and what pages they viewed. See a grade for each Lead for intelligent sales calls.

competitor benchmarking

Competitor Benchmarking

Compare your site performance against key competitors.

online research

Online Research

Monitor what keywords drive Traffic, Leads and Customers. See what new inbound links are built. Assess your competitors keywords and inbound links to uncover new opportunities.

landing pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages CMS to create pages specifically to attract your target audience. Capture data through custom forms and trigger autmated Lead Nurturing emails.

content analytics

Content Analytics

Analyse the content that drives the most Traffic, Leads and Sales as part of a continuous loop of improvement.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Targeted and segmented email communications to your Leads and Subscribers. Analyse what campaigns deliver Visitors, Leads and Customers.

behavioural communications and lead nurturing

Lead Nurturing and Behavioural Communications

Automated and customised emails and multi-channel communications via mobile and social media. Based on Lead activity on and off the website.