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Account-Based Marketing.

We’ll help you design and build a tactical plan for hyper-targeted content to engage and convert your key accounts.

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Data-driven account-based marketing.

Account-based marketing (or ABM), is about leveraging data to create a hyper-targeted approach to your marketing that involves absolute focus on your key accounts and creating personalised, targeted content to those who matter the most.

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Firstly, we’ll help you align your departments and teams. Everything starts with solid alignment of your sales and marketing. Why? Because it’s not about the number of contacts in your database, it’s about the quality of those contacts and the relationships. Marketing teams need to leverage those relationships often held in sales silos.

Then we need to identify those key accounts. Through competitive and market analysis, we’ll build a plan that helps identify your key accounts and provide the insights, processes, and tools you need to create hyper-targeted, personalised content crafted for each individual account talking to the specific pain points of your prospects.

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We’ll help you use data to personalise everything. Specific, differentiated, and relatable content that speaks directly to the target persona’s pain points and shows an in-depth understanding of their industry and issues will engage your prospects. Use personalised outreach in your ABM to nurture the prospect through to sale.

With an ABM approach, it’s not uncommon to work backwards. We start at the end and work your contact book to build a network of contacts within an organisation. Why? So that you can focus on not solely one person, but the entire ecosystem of decision makers within your target accounts.

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Hyper-personalised ABM.

The key to targeted and personalised ABM is planning and turning it into a strategic tool to close the most important accounts.

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Align teams

Break the silos and bring together the sales and marketing teams.

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Identify key accounts

Leverage the quality of contacts over the number of contacts. 

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Personalise everything

Hyper-targeted, personalised content is the name of the game.

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Work the contacts

Use your contacts book to build a network within the target organisation.

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