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Product Marketing Services.

A killer product marketing strategy starts with just that: a strategy. Don’t risk failure by pushing your product to market without a clearly defined plan to support it.

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Building your product marketing strategy.

A product marketing strategy touches every department in your organisation and sits at the cross section between product, sales and marketing — which means it can be make or break for your business.

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Our product marketing services bring together competitive research and analysis to help you define your voice in the market and build a product roadmap that takes you to market faster than ever. A well-defined product marketing strategy looks at positioning and messaging, product launch, demand, and competitive/market analysis.

First up, we look at product positioning and messaging. Honest, differentiated — and even edgy. What’s your product positioning and messaging? Does it speak to customers in a differentiated way? Does it set you apart from the competition? Does it talk to personas and market segments in a personalised way?

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Once that’s in place, and before product launch, we make sure product, marketing, and line of business departments are aligned. We’ll develop a launch process and framework that’s based on revenue impact, marketing impact, and competitive differentiation. And we’ll document the launch process in a calendar that highlights your product roadmap and development.

We’ll then give your sales teams the enablement content they need to have valuable conversations with the right customer and prospects at every step of the sales process. Our sales enablement assets are delivered to teams on the go via an app help increase customer acquisition, retention, and cross-sell when your product is launched.

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And we’ll run a customer advisory board (CAB) to help you better understand your most strategic customers, where they are investing, and what you need to do to stay relevant. Whoever understands the customer best wins — use it as a sounding board for your customers and your leadership team to get validation on the efforts of your product marketing strategy.

A strategic approach to product marketing.

Many organisations don’t have a strategic plan for taking products to market. Don’t be one of them. Follow a plan steeped in competitive and market analysis.

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Establish objectives

Create achievable KPIs and use a detailed plan to align key stakeholders with objectives.

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Understand your market

Build detailed persona targeting, market segmentation, and purchase behaviour.

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Size up the competition

Build a differentiated strategy, based on analysis into the competitive landscape.

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Detail your roadmap

Identify and establish a roadmap for deployment and development.

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Build your plan

Bring together the detailed research to develop your product marketing plan.

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Launch your product

Create a launch charter to measure impact, run CABs, and benchmark against KPIs.

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