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Vertical Marketing.

If you’ve got an appetite for vertical domination, you’ve got to differentiate so you can develop a market, not just a campaign.

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Develop a vertical market.

Developing a vertical marketing campaign starts with in depth competitive and market analysis and a readiness assessment to get a deep understanding of your desired segment so you can build penetration, credibility, brand recognition, and differentiation. That’s where we come in.

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We’ll help develop differentiated messaging and positioning to positively disrupt your vertical market. We don’t do generic: that’s where our expertise comes in. We work with over 80 specialist editors, across 15 different countries, in almost every vertical. That way you get highly targeted, vertical specific content from the experts.

We develop a framework for product positioning and differentiation in your vertical to focus on business outcomes and value creation. Through primary research into your target market and personas, we’ll create a  recommendation that’s built on first-hand insight into market positioning and perception.

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Once the research and positioning are in place, we develop an end-to-end set of sales enablement collateral to equip your teams with the information and tools they need to sell into that vertical. Our practical “how-to” content for your salesforce will ensure your teams can deliver authoritatively and demonstrate domain knowledge to prospects.

We’ll compliment this with an always-on marketing plan that gives your vertical-enabled sales teams the demand generation required to penetrate that market. We’ll bring consistency and scale to content production to drive awareness in the vertical market and create a pipeline of leads to follow up on.

backed by data

Vertical marketing 101.

The key to a penetrating a vertical is positioning, enablement, and an always-on content marketing strategy.

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Market analysis

We help you understand the ins and outs of the target vertical through primary and secondary research.

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Messaging and positioning.

Differentiate yourself from the competition and be ready to adapt messaging to suit your target market.

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SPs and solutions.

Understand the product sell vs solution sell; what can you do to offer solutions that drive business value?

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Sales enablement

Equip your sales team with the know-how and educate them in the market ready to nurture leads through to sale.

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Always-on marketing.

Build your consistent content marketing campaigns to drive awareness and conversions.

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